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How to find your perfect blog name

Finding the perfect blog name is never easy. In fact, I feel like I could’ve done this better too, I rushed into it because I wanted to start already and sometimes I still regret it. But I’ve learned from it and that’s why I thought I should share my tips with you. Because you deserve a blog name you love and your audience is gonna love too!

That perfect name for your blog isn’t just hopping around the corner! Click read more to figure out the perfect one for you!


How to rock your blog without a niche

Everyone these days seems to be talking about how to make a lot of money blogging. But maybe you are a hobby blogger? Or maybe you do earn with your blog but you just don’t feel like pinning down on one subject. Well good for you because you know what. You CAN stand out without having a niche. Want to know how to do that?

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How to always be on time and change your habits

Being late is a pretty bad habit. Your boss won’t like it, your friends won’t like it and honestly I can’t think of anyone who would be excited to see you come in late. Did you know being late isn’t a habit you are born with, but something you learned during your life. However, did you know these habits can be changed? I will tell you in advance changing a habit is not easy, but it can be done. With that said let me tell you how to always be on time by changing your habits.
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15 Ted Talks for bloggers and creatives

So I bet you love Ted talks just as much as me. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t have clicked on this post. Motivation and inspiration are such an important aspect of blogging and I feel like these Ted talks for bloggers can really give you an extra nudge in the right direction. So I went on the world wide web to find 15 amazing inspiring Ted talks about different subjects.
I’ve looked up talks for Motivation, Creativity, Productivity, Personal Growth & Business. Because I feel like these subjects are very important for bloggers and creatives. I really hope you enjoy these ones as much as I do. Oh, and my favorites are in bold so if you don’t have time to listen to all of them you can pick the best ones! (in my eyes though)

Are you curious which I picked? Click read more to find out!


Blogging Break – Nutella hot chocolate

So autumn is happening pretty quickly at the moment. I enjoy the leaves changing color, though the weather getting colder is not necessarily my favorite part of fall. I do like blogging on the couch with a cuddly blanket and some candles because it makes autumn feel so cozy.
Today I have a really good recipe you can make very easily and in less than 10 minutes. It is totally autumn proof and great to recharge yourself when you’ve been blogging all day. Or if you didn’t do anything it will still taste great ?

Keep reading if you want to know the easy peasy Nutella hot chocolate recipe!


How to write a killer blog post

Writing a killer blog post might sound like an impossible job. But honestly, it doesn’t have to be. If you follow a system there’s not that much that can go wrong. I’ve been trying to create such a system for a while now and I think I figured it out. I’ll be completely honest with you, of course, this doesn’t guarantee you success, you will still need to write a compelling post people will actually want to read. But the technical side is gonna be so much easier when you follow a system. So lets get to explaining how you can write a killer blog post!


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