I think everyone goes trough the struggle of coming up with blog posts ideas. Ok maybe not everyone but I know I do. I don’t know how often you write but especially if you’re a daily blogger you need an awful lot of ideas to fill the entire year. But how do you always come up with these? I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve and am giving you a little insight in how I create my list of ideas.

I plan a monthly sesh of blog post brainstorming. I know some bloggers can come up with blog post ideas for the entire year but I don’t roll like that. I do usually end up with a long list. But I only start writing a few of them. This can be for several reasons, for instance, I’m not feeling the post that minute, or it doesn’t fit my blog at that point in time. I do however keep all the ideas I don’t use on a list for future reference. Something that might not be it today can be a great fit in a couple of months. So don’t throw anything away.

But what do I do in these blog post brainstorming sessions?

I start off with a little questionnaire I created for myself. This contains some questions about my blog, about the vibe I’m going with and some questions about my readers. I created a free workbook for you with these questions you can download there’s no sign up needed! HYPE! Though if you like this post and the free worksheet I do urge you to sign up for my email list. I send out free extra freebies every once in while which can be very useful for you and your blog. You can find the email signup form on the bottom of this post!


Usually, I get a fair amount of ideas from this questionnaire. But sometimes I need some inspiration. Not to copycat off course. No one likes copycats. But it’s a good way to get your creative juices flowing just a little bit more. So I dive into Pinterest, first I go trough my feed and see if there’s anything I can also teach about. Sometimes I read the post, sometimes I don’t because I want to give it my own spin. Also, I don’t just blankly copy an idea, I try to think of something regarding a certain topic to write about.

It’s also a good idea to check your ideas in the search bar on Pinterest or Google. For instance, if you want to write about google analytics type this in the search bar to see what people are searching for.

As you can see a lot of people are searching for Google analytics for beginners so if you write a post about this you have a good chance of many people reading it. You need to use SEO to be found so use keywords throughout your post.


If I still need more ideas I take a look trough some Facebook groups. Often there are asked a lot of questions in these groups. So it’s a good way to find out what people are struggling with. If you know a lot about the subject you can write a post about this or even a series. Creating a series is an easy way to get a lot of post ideas. You just go with one thing and expand on that subject.

Lastly, I want to suggest you don’t do your brainstorming sessions alone. My boyfriend often helps me with this and together we can come up with a lot of good ideas. He helps me think outside the box and always comes up with great ideas. If he comes up with an idea I need to learn about myself I plan some research and see if I can learn it myself so I can teach you later. So mobilize your boyfriend, your parents, your brother, sister or even your friends. Let them help you out, you can always think of more with two than alone.

At the end of this post, you must have come up with quite a few ideas. If these tips didn’t help you out I don’t know what will ;)! Oh and if the questions on the questionnaire don’t fit too well with your niche. Try making your own. You can always add or ditch questions as you go along to find out which work and which don’t. Good luck with building your little (or very large) blog post list and get writing!