Blog clean up time! I think the new year is the best time to clean up your blog and make sure everything is up to date. If you’ve been blogging the entire year things might have gotten a bit messy. It’s time to make sure everything is neat and clear for the new year. So you can have a fresh start! In addition to this blog post I’ve also created a free downloadable checklist so you don’t forget anything you need to do. You can download it below.

Are you ready to clean up your blog? Let’s get to it then click read more to start!


These tasks regarding your blog posts I actually recommend you to do monthly. It makes for a lot less work at the end of the year if you keep it up to date. Otherwise, you’ll be going trough a lot of content. Make sure you have enough time scheduled to fix these tasks so you will be done before the end of the year.
  • First of all, we’re going to delete all the old blog posts that aren’t relevant to your brand/niche/audience anymore. It’s no use having those around. You want to be consistent in what you offer your audience so if posts don’t fit your blog anymore just get rid of them. You could use the space for new and better blog posts!
  • Take a look trough your google analytics. Go to Google Analytics > Behavior > Site content > All pages. To figure out which of your posts are best read. They are probably getting a lot of traffic trough search engines and social media so it’s important these posts are up to date. You can also add freebies for people to download or add opt-in forms so people can join your email list if you have one. You can also add additional info to make the post even more worth reading.
  • Go through all your blog posts and make sure the images you used are on brand. If you are creating new images for blog posts don’t forget to share them on Pinterest again. Extra traffic is always a bonus!

  • Take a read trough all your pages. Is your about me page still up to date? Can people still reach you through your contact page? Make sure these pages are also on brand. It’s probably best to check this every month and update with new info at the end of the year.
  • Clean up your categories, is everything still in the right place? Maybe you need some new categories or need to delete one that doesn’t really fit. Again make sure everything is up to date.
  • Next up are your sidebar and footer. Especially your footer is something many people forget, and it just doesn’t look professional if it isn’t up to date. If you have ads in your sidebar check if they all still work and send you to the correct link. Also, check if everything is in the right order.
  • Last clean up task is deleting all the themes and plugins you don’t need. Keeping those around will slow down your site and take up valuable space you could better use for more important things.
 I made a super handy checklist you can use with your clean up. It will keep you organized and makes sure you don’t forget anything. It’s free and you don’t even have to sign up. Though if you liked this post and freebie I recommend you to do sign up to my email list. I’ll send out free email list exclusive freebies and info every once in while. I won’t spam you, I hate spam just as much as you and of course your email is safe with me!


When everything on your blog is cleaned up it’s time to start preparing for the new year. Start brainstorming new content like blog posts and newsletters. It’s always good to have a list of fresh ideas to start the new year with.
It’s also the perfect time to set some goals. I wrote a post about goal setting here. Read it if you need some help with coming up with, setting or staying at your goals.
Also, think about some big projects you want to tackle next years. My biggest plan for the next year is starting and growing my email list (I already started a little because I was so excited) but maybe you want to start monetizing your blog or want to create an e-course. Write down your plans, break down the steps you need to do and start planning you will make a head start in the new year!
I hope you’re ready to start the new year with a bang (a firework bang if you’d like) with a clean and organized blog, a plan for the new year and hopefully a lot of excitement. Because you can do this! I mean if I can then you can fo’ sure!