It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie blogger or if you’ve been in te business for quite a while. There are a couple of things every blog needs to grow and be better. I try to incorporate these things in my own blog too so I’m not just rambling. I actually do these things to grow my audience and I can tell you it works.

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Amazing content > blog posts, social posts and emails

Personally, I think sharing amazing content is the most important thing you can do for your blog. Because your content is what people read and share. But they won’t do that unless your content is good. There’s no reason for reading a blog post that is complete rubbish, or open an email that looks like a hot mess and people will definitely not share your social posts if you are not authentic.

But writing amazing content is a lot of work. There is so much you need to consider I can hardly teach you everything in this post. For now, I will share with you two things that all your content needs.

Value & Authenticity

People love useful things. Think about it, do you ever read a post that’s not valuable to you? The answer is no. You skip those because they are not relevant to you. Content that solves a problem, or teaches you something will always do better. You can create value to your content in a lot of different ways. You can send out a free checklist or worksheet. You can give tips to solve a problem, or you can share amazing inspiration (but do incorporate a way to utilize this inspiration)

Besides value, you need to be authentic. Be sassy, be quirky, be fun, be whoever YOU are. Not who you think you should be, because you won’t be able to keep up with that. You are an amazing person and most of all an amazing blogger. People will see that if you are who you are. People instantly notice if you’re forcing it or if you’re trying too hard and trust me they won’t put up with that. Remember that for your blog there are a thousand others. Your personality is what sets YOU apart.

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Gorgeous Graphics

So this one is kinda the same as creating amazing content. Because your graphics are content. But because it’s a different format (images & not writing) I thought I’d share it with you anyway. The graphics on your blog are the first thing someone’s going to notice. For instance, when you share your images to social media (see point 3 & 4) people are going to see these first. If you’re image looks like crap, yes I said crap. No one is ever going to click through to your blog or company. Why would they, if they don’t feel that instant connection through an image.

Your blog itself also should be filled with amazing images. Make sure these images are crisp and have good lighting. No one likes a blurry image. If you’re not a good photographer yourself, there are some amazing stock options to use, both free and paid.

Ivorymix >> Free
Creative Convex >> Free & Paid
Haute Chocolate >> Paid

To personalize your images and your blog, it’s good to have your own brand. Creating this yourself can be pretty tough if you have no knowledge about this. If you have some money to invest in your blog it’s a good idea to hire someone to create this for you. You need at least, a logo, a color palette, and some font options. You can create this in photoshop, Illustrator or free online programs like Picmonkey and Canva. For some gorgeous fonts and graphic packs I recommend* I’ve already spend a lot of money on the 1$ deals because they’re cheap but gorgeous! Also they have a really good January bundle with an amazing discount!

Follow this Pinterest board of mine with all tips branding. To learn how to brand your blog yourself and do it right.


Share buttons

If you have some amazing content and gorgeous graphics people will want to share them, for sure! Cause whats not to love about your blog? But I can tell you one thing, people don’t like to take much effort. If they want to share your blog post, it must be quick and easily done. My personal recommendation is the social warfare plugin. The free option gives you some basic options to work with and they work just fine for me. If you want more options you can always go for the premium version. But I think it’s a good idea to check out the free version first. Oh and make sure they’re easy to find!

A Pinterest account

So we covered content, graphics and people can share your stuff. BUT there’s more, you need a platform to share your content yourself too. You don’t want to be writing for nothing. Of course, you write your blog because you love doing it, but it is absolutely the best if people actually read it. So you can join every social media platform you can think of, share 100 social posts a day. But I recommend you start off with focussing on 1 and that one should (in my opinion) be Pinterest.

Pinterest is part social media part search engine. Just like with content, there’s an awful lot to say about this. But let me break it down quickly.

On Pinterest, you can share your images, which are called Pins. Other people who see this can rePin your Pin so even more people can see it. Because Pinterest also works like a search engine, people can easily find your pins if they search for them. To achieve this you need to implement SEO. You can find more information about SEO here:

SEO BASICS by thewonderforest
PINTEREST SEO by rosiesocialmedia

Pinterest is a very visual platform. It works only with images, so creating gorgeous graphics is very important. Also, vertical images work best on Pinterest, I use the size w800xh1200 in the feed they attract the most attention. I know Canva has some good free templates you can use to create these images. So maybe take a look there!

A way to contact you

Lastly, it’s very important people can reach you. Maybe your readers want to ask you something or colleague bloggers who want to guest post and maybe even companies that want to work with you. You definitely don’t want to miss out on that! You can create a new page and add a contact form. Or you can make an email for your blog. For instance, you can reach me through the contact form on my blog, or via my email Make sure you check your messages often and respond quickly. People don’t like to wait.

So if you have all these things on your blog you’re off to a good start. I didn’t go very in depth in this post and only pointed out the things I personally feel are most important. If you would love to see a more in-depth article of any of these articles make sure to let me know. You can leave a comment in the comment section below or send me a message on social media. If you want to send a private message you can go to the contact page!

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