Today’s blog post is going to be a little different than usual. Because I want to share a bit of my personal story. I want to tell you about my social anxiety and how I leverage my blog to overcome this little by little. So if you suffer from social anxiety like me, or if you’re just a very introverted person. How you can learn from your blog to overcome anxiety. It’s not an easy process and mostly it takes time. But maybe my story gives you some insights and will help you with your journey.

My story

As a kid, I never had any social issues. I was quite popular and very outgoing. But when I hit puberty and started going to high school something changed. Some people in my class started to bully me. It got worse over time, till I was too scared to go to school. Since then an awful lot has happened. When I think back I know this is where it all came from.

I’ve been in very bad places since then, but around 20 years old it started to get better. I think that leaving puberty has a great deal to do with that. In puberty, your emotions just get so intense and I feel like after that I finally started to shift into place. I’m feeling good now, but there’s still a lot to gain. I’m still scared to do things by myself. Especially going outside is a big problem. But I’m working on it and slowly I start going out more.

Why Facebook groups are amazing

But I’m here to tell you how I leverage my blog to learn and get less anxious. Blogging forces you to be social. At least it forces me. For instance, I’ve joined Facebook blogger groups. Where I actually engage with others. It’s actually a bit difficult, sometimes I feel like I have nothing interesting to say. Or that what I want to say is useless. But I try to do it anyway. Because I know deep in my heart usually my mind is just messing with me. And heck what’s the worst thing that can happen, that people don’t think my comment is interesting. No loss in that is there.

So I urge you to join a group like this. Look for a smaller one if you don’t want to start off with thousands of people reading your comments at first, I can recommend the savvy blogger Facebook group. It’s not super big at the time of writing. But I always feel very welcome there. I’m actually thinking of creating a Facebook group myself. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see that happen!

Other social media channels

Currently, I’m not using all the big social media platforms out there. I only use groups on Facebook. I do have a business page but don’t use it right now and I also don’t use twitter I have an account but rarely post, only if other bloggers share something of me I send a quick thank you.

I recently started to post on Instagram. This is also a very low key way to get in contact with people. Try responding to comments and like other people’s photos. You can browse through some hashtags and like and/or follow some people.

Your own personal blogging space

To start the conversation on your own blog you can ask a question in your blog posts. People are more likely to comment and don’t forget to respond if people send a comment. Also, some clear contact details make it easy for people to send you messages. I found if people message you first it’s easier to respond to them. It’s also okay if you wait a day before you respond so you can think what you’re going to say. Don’t overthink, though, usually what you intend to say first is just fine.

Having actual relationships and online friendships

On this one, I can’t tell you too much. I still struggle with this. Sometimes I reach out and get a response but I struggle with keeping it going. I’m just a little scared to talk to people in an ongoing conversation. I do try though but I found talking to multiple people at once such as in a Facebook group loads easier. But by doing that I’m actually working on my anxiety and one day I know I will be able to actually get to know people.

Even though all of this is scary I recommend you just try it. Do your best and if it doesn’t work out the first day try the next day. I’m sure you can overcome this. Even though it might go slowly one day you will be fully anxiety free, except of course for the “normal/typical” anxiety everyone goes through in their life! If you ever want to talk you can send me an email at