First of all, Hi there! My name is Monique Jebbink and I’m the owner, writer and creator of this little space on the world wide web!

Why are you here? Probably because you are a blogger and if you are, you’re definitely in the right place! This blog is on the world wide web just for you. Wondering what you can find here?
Think about tips to be a better blogger or free downloadable planners to make your blogging life a lot easier. But not only that, also some fun stuff, like cute wallpapers to dress up your tech or recipes that will definitely get your focus back. If you’re a blogger and you need it you’ll find it here! At least I hope you will, and if you don’t, shoot me a message and let me know so it will be around in the future! You can find the contact page here! I genuinely hope you’ll enjoy this blog a lot and find everything you’re looking for.
On this blog I focus not so much on the business side of blogging but more on the happy side. It doesn’t matter how big your blog is or if you blog for profit or fun. As long as you love what you do you’re in the right place. The blogging world has grown to be a community itself so let’s share the love. Leave a comment, check out other peoples blogs and engage. Blogging is so much more fun with friends!
Are you ready to learn more about the person behind the blog? Scroll down and read the rest!

But who’s the chick writing this blog?

Well hello, it’s me, Monique! I’m a 22-year-old living in the Netherlands but with dreams of moving to warmer places. But for now, I’ll have to deal with the rain and summer only lasting for a few weeks. I live in a tiny apartment close to the town center and try to be an adult. (I sometimes fail miserably) I’m an extreme (yes I said extreme) cat lover and I still wish every day that my new apartment would allow them. But I’ll have to live catless for now I’m afraid. Oh and Pugs are cool too, and Corgis and Frenchies and… Oh well, I kinda like all animals and if you don’t, we need a serious talk!
I am currently studying to be a graphic designer. Besides my love for blogging I really love playing around with colors, creating graphics for the blog and pretty much all things design. It’s a lot of fun working with photoshop to create pretty things. Not only will it be good for my education, I think it will also be a great addition to my blog that I create fun downloads myself.

Right, I think I’ve told you enough about me, you’re up next! Leave a comment on the blog, send me an email and tell me who you are, because I’d totally love to know you! If you would like to know more about me read my articles! Or follow me on social media I’ll leave the links below.

Have fun on my blog!